12 Week FRC® Package

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Select the package that works best for you. Not sure which package is the best one for you? We will help you select the best option once you have gone through your assessment. If you begin by booking the FRA® the cost of the assessment will applied to your 12 week program. 

You will receive a conformation email and be able to schedule through the link provided.

FRA® and our 12 week Functional Range Conditioning package is for anyone who values physical activity and health. The assessment gives us your data and Functional Range Conditioning® provides the platform for a movement program that is personalized to your body and lifestyle.

  • If you’re healthy, FRA® and FRC® can help you stay that way.

  • If you have nagging injuries that have changed the way you live and play, FRA is step one to eliminating them.

  • If you have had to give up an activity you love because of the way you feel afterwards, our 12 week package will get you back in the game.

  • If you get out of bed stiff, tight, and achy, and it takes half the day to loosen up, you need an FRA.

  • If you’re hurting, FRA can pinpoint the causes and help you address them.

  • If you’re struggling to get into the ideal position for any activity – weightlifting, skiing, biking, yoga, etc. – Functional Range Conditioning® can train your body for those demands.

Every movement places demands on your joints. Skiing, boarding, biking, running, climbing, squatting, sitting, standing, walking, etc. all require certain joint ranges of motion. If you don’t have the necessary mobility (active, usable joint ranges), these movements damage your joints and tissue. By identifying and correcting joint limitations, we will help you excel in your favorite activities and mitigate future suffering.  

We test every major joint for passive and active range of motion. FRA® quantifies the movement in your spine, hips, shoulders, scapula, great toes, ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, and fingers. This process reveals where joint immobility is causing your body to move unhealthily. The measurements give us the correct starting point to build your Functional Range Conditioning® program and a baseline to track you progress.