Off the bike Training - Park City

Small group personal training for mountain bikers

Mountain Bike at your highest level and feel great! Join a group of like minded mountain bikers twice each week to train for your strongest season.


Park City is full of riders who know their way around the mountain and their bikes. We want to help you train off your bike in order to perform on your bike. This is where Off The Bike (OTB) Training comes in. Gain the ability to ride hard and feel great. Train off the bike to gain mobility, power, improved stability, and prepare for the best season of your life!

We are opening #OTB small group personal training to 8 local riders, Monday and Friday from 7-8am. The current session will run from April 1st - June 21st.

We are located at Minerstown: 1776 Park Avenue, Park City, UT

Off the bike training has a single purpose:

To train off the bike in order to increase power output, improve stability, effectively train mobility, and make sure you are healthy and raging in the mountains this season.

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Customized program:

Each OTB trainee will go through a 30 minute consult to determine your goals and where you are coming from. Every body is different and requires unique programing based on your history and your goals. We create training programs that make sense for the types of energy systems you utilize while riding. You will discover the difference when you optimize your training in the gym AND transition strength and power gains to better riding.


train mobility:

You will learn the difference between flexibility vs. mobility and why it matters for your riding. Training joints to handle loads specific to the demands of riding is critical to every program. We will incorporate mobility training into your workouts.


Personal Assessment:

Without consistent assessment we can not track success. We start with an assessment to determine your starting point. Throughout the program our coaches constantly reassess and adjust programs to guarantee progress.


daily routine:

Every rider will have a customized routine in place to keep their joints healthy and happy. We will determine what you need to do pre and post riding, on the days you are not in the gym, to optimize your time on the bike.


Produce more power in your riding:

We all need it, more power on the bike. All mountain biking from downhill to enduro to cross country is based in the aerobic energy system. Your training program needs to be built with the purpose of producing vast amounts of power aerobically. Aerobic power production is different than anaerobic power production. Learn the difference, understand the significance, and train in the most effective ways to create aerobic power.


100% Money back GUARANTEE:

Join our small group training. Try us out for 2 weeks. If at the end of the day we are not the right program for you, we will refund you 100% of the price.


When and Where:

Our first session begins April 1st, 7am at Minerstown in Park City


  • Who is this for?

    • Mountain Bikers wanting to develop a stronger, more resilient body

  • How long is the program?

    • 12 Weeks - April 1st - June 21

  • Will my program be unique?

    • Yes, your program will be written based on your specific goals. You will workout with a group of mountain bikers, everyone will have their own custom program. Have a custom program and be held accountable by the rest of the community working on a common goal, improving your mountain bike performance.

  • cost?

    • $275 per month

      • $750 if you pay for all 3 months at the start

  • Where?

    • Minerstown in Park City, Utah

      • 1776 Park Avenue, Park City, UT

  • Questions?

    • Shoot me an email,